Trent Barton unveils its 100th ‘Talking Bus’

Trent Barton has demonstrated its commitment to making travel easier for the visually impaired by unveiling its 100th talking bus.

The initiative has been welcomed by Guide Dogs, the UK charity for the blind and partially sighted.

“Guide Dogs is pleased that Trent Barton is making the investment into audio-visual (AV) next-stop announcements on its new buses,” says Guide Dogs Engagement Officer Kelly France.

“Talking buses help to enable people who are blind or visually impaired to be more independent and feel more confident when travelling.

“Only 20% of buses are fitted with AV in the whole of the UK, so we’re fortunate to have forward-thinking operators like Trent Barton in this region. Nearly half of its buses have AV, helping to ensure people with sight loss can confidently and competently travel self-reliantly.”

The 100th ‘talking’ bus is one of 16 new Optare Versas. Says Trent Barton Marketing and Communications Director Alex Hornby: “We have just invested 2m in the new buses, and the announcement system was top of our list when it came to specifying the new vehicles.

“We are committed to making bus travel more accessible for people with disabilities and will continue to roll out talking buses.”