PI adjourned following confusion over bus service

A PI for Rossendale Transport has been adjourned due to confusion over the bus service concerned

Confusion over a bus service has led to the consideration of punctuality issues over local services operated by the Transdev Blazefield subsidiary, Rossendale Transport, being adjourned until June.

The Haslingden-based company, trading as Rosso, with a 118-vehicle O-Licence had been called before Deputy Traffic Commissioner (DTC) Simon Evans at a Golborne Public Inquiry (PI).

The DTC said that, having considered documents produced by the company that morning, he had concerns over the description of the services concerned. The situation was confused, and the case was not what he had thought it was.

For the company, Jonathon Backhouse said that the principal service looked at was the 464. However, DVSA had requested details of the operation of service 494. When that was challenged, DVSA insisted that it was service 494.

Consequently, those were the details that had been supplied by the company. In fact, it was now clear that the service concerned was service 464. It was necessary for the company to go back and produce the necessary details.

Adjourning the hearing for that to be done, the DTC said that he would require a witness from DVSA to attend on the next occasion. He also wanted details of the operation of the 475 and 795 services as well as the 464 service for the months of March, April and May.

Mr Backhouse said that vehicle maintenance had also been raised in the call up letter.

Since the company had been acquired by Transdev, there had been a first-time pass rate at annual test of 97.5% and after rectification, a 100% pass rate. There had been one prohibition notice at the beginning of 2019 for which there was a full explanation.

Indicating that he was satisfied with the company’s financial position, the DTC said that his focus was on service reliability.