46 First West of England drivers are recognised for green driving

GreenRoad’s Fleet Elite award has been presented to 46 drivers at First West of England’s depots in Bath, Bristol, Wells and Weston-super-Mare in recognition of their green and safe driving standards. .

The DriveGreen system is designed to provide customers with a safer, smoother journey, and also reduce the operator’s impact on the environment.

First’s unique DriveGreen system, which was launched in 2009, is designed to provide customers with a safer, smoother journey, whilst also reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

A DriveGreen ‘traffic light’ monitor is fitted to vehicle dashboards on every one of First’s buses, which helps show the driver how well they are driving. The monitor displays a static green light if the driver is driving well, or flashes amber or red if they carry out an unwanted driving manoeuvre such as heavy braking or rapid acceleration. Points are given for amber or red events with the fewer points a driver has meaning the better their DriveGreen score, and their driving in general, is.

In the latest round of awards, 16 drivers from First’s Lawrence Hill depot in Bristol were recognised, including one, John Mathias (49) from Shirehampton, who had managed to achieve a DriveGreen score of zero – the best possible! Sixteen drivers from the company’s Hengrove depot in Bristol were recognised too, as well as two working out of Bristol Bus Station. In addition six drivers from the Weston-super-Mare depot, three from depot in Wells and three from the depot in Bath were given the prestigious awards.

Paul Matthews, MD of First West of England, says: “Our drivers have embraced the DriveGreen system, and as a result are providing customers with better, safer journeys and reducing our carbon footprint. I’m very proud that so many of them have earned the Fleet Elite award.”

DriveGreen monitors acceleration and braking as well as other manoeuvres, and helps reduce emissions.