First bus engineer praised for his life-saving actions

A First engineer has been hailed a hero after his colleague suffered a stroke at work.

Chris Gordon, an engineering supervisor at First’s Ipswich depot, was praised for his quick-thinking when he saw the signs Ivan Hazell was suffering a stroke.

Chris says: “Ivan came into the workshop and I noticed his speech was slightly slurred and he was dribbling. I could see he wasn’t right and I wasn’t happy for him to carry on working.

“I thought he was having a stroke. My dad has suffered four strokes so I knew what the symptoms were and what to look out for.”

Ivan went home, and later to hospital. He was hospitalised for four days.

“They found a bleed on a vein in my neck and it turned out I had a series of mini-strokes,” he says. “I am so grateful for Chris’ actions; I feel I owe him my life.”

Ivan, who has worked as a body fitter for 39 years, retired from First aged 70 in September.

Chris Speed, Business Manager for First in Ipswich, says: “We applaud Chris for his quick thinking. His prompt actions may have saved Ivan’s life.

“Ivan has since retired from the firm and we would like to thank him for his hard work and dedication over the past four decades.”