Green line surprises 30-year commuter

Green Line has surprised one its customers as she celebrated 30 years of commuting on the Luton-London coach.

Jacquelyn Andrews: ‘It’s cheaper than the train and you’re guaranteed a seat’

Jacquelyn Andrews, who works as a Legal PA in Central London, was surprised on her morning journey on Friday 13 May by the Green Line team, who wanted to thank her for being one of their most frequent and loyal passengers.

She was presented with a balloon, bouquet of flowers and a bottle of bubbly.

“For those who choose to work in London, I cannot recommend the coach enough as a relaxing way of commuting,” says Jacquelyn, who was born and still lives in Luton.

“You are guaranteed a seat, it's cosy enough to have a kip (which is vital when you work a long day), and you can get to watch the world go by too. What I don’t know about the M1 and its traffic patterns is probably not worth knowing!”

She adds: “My brother also started work in London at the same time I did, and he opted for the train instead, but it wasn’t for me. It’s twice the price, there’s rarely a seat and working in Central London means you need a long, crowded tube journey too. As long as I continue to work in Westminster, I will commute this way. 

“The one thing that gets me out of bed with the dawn chorus is knowing that I can have another sleep again soon on the coach. For the drivers on the commuter rota, it must be like driving a great big communal bed!"

Linsey Frostick, General Manager for Arriva, which operates the Green Line 757 and commuter 755 services, says: “Jacquelyn is the perfect passenger, and it continues to be a pleasure having her onboard.

“We can’t quite believe it’s been 30 years since she first hopped on a Green Line coach, but we know how much she likes a celebration, so it seemed only right we do something to show her our gratitude. We hope she enjoyed her surprise and wish her many more happy years of commuting!”