Greenwood’s resignation laid bare

Former Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Lillian Greenwood has explained in detail her reasons for resigning from the Shadow Cabinet.

Lillian Greenwood: Undermined by Corbyn

She has revealed how Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn undermined her attempts to effectively oppose the Government’s transport policies, and also how he spoke out contrary to agreed Labour policies, on subjects such as HS2.

Considered to be an effective Transport Shadow, Ms Greenwood is also a member of the Transport Select Committee and is strong supporter of bus re-regulation. She had been in the Labour transport team for almost five years.

In a speech to her local Labour Party the Nottingham South MP said: “Becoming Shadow Transport Secretary was my dream job, a huge privilege and I'm extremely proud of the work our team did.

“I was looking forward to speaking on the Bus Services Bill, in favour of re-regulating bus services and standing up for outstanding municipal bus companies like Nottingham City Transport.

“So I’d like you to imagine how I felt when, even though I was trying my hardest, it became impossible for me to do my job in the Shadow Cabinet.”

She explained fully what has happened over the last nine months and, referring to specific incidents, said: “Imagine how you would you feel if you agreed something with your boss but he then did something completely different. Something that undermined you. 

“Through my own personal direct experience I know that Jeremy operates in a way that means progress towards these goals is impossible. He is not a team player, let alone a team leader.”