FleetGO to introduce all-in-one tachograph compliance kit

In September, Shrewsbury-based company FleetGO will introduce what it describes as an all-in-one solution to help operators with tachograph compliance.

Called Tacho Complete, it is a tool that automatically downloads tachograph data from vehicle units and driver cards and performs automatic checks for completeness and possible infringements.

Tacho Complete will function with all major tachograph brands that support remote download and it is also ready for use with smart tachographs.

Says FleetGO UK Managing Director Ashly E De la Rosa: “With Tacho Complete, we provide an all-in-one solution for tachograph compliance.

“We’ve seen that a lot of operators are still using different solutions, retrieving tachograph data on one side and analysing it on the anther.

“With Tacho Complete, we’ve put all of that into one package. Users can easily add enhanced features such as GPS tracking, fuel monitoring and trailer tracking.”

Tacho Complete provides a portal for retrieving data from a secure cloud location. Transport Managers will have a clear view of their fleet and the status of their drivers, and they will also know whether staff are adhering to the Working Time Directive.