Stanley Travel trials tyre and wheel technology

Stanley Travel is among the first UK coach and bus operators to trial the latest tyre safety technology, offering its customers added reassurance against the risk of wheel loss.

It is testing Michelin Wheel Security and Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS) Heavy Fleet on two new Volvo B8R coaches with Plaxton bodywork with a view to rolling out the system across the remainder of its vehicles.

Designed by UK company Wheely-Safe, the product is the world’s first in-motion driver alert device that detects the onset of wheel loss before detachment occurs.

Set-up is simple. A sensor straddles two wheel nuts using a bracket – with a pair fitted to each wheel – and if a nut starts to loosen by just 1mm, a signal is instantly transmitted to a solar-powered cab display.

Inbuilt TPMS is also provided, while due to its location next to the wheel rim and the brake disc, the system’s integral heat sensor also detects brake-related issues.

Says Director Ian Scott: “It was easy to fit, and we think it will be a great safety product for us. It’s so important to have that added reassurance.”