‘Public thank you to the people of York’

We would like to publicly thank the people of the city of York for their kindness and assistance in locating one of our elderly passengers recently.

 One of our tours was returning to Essex from Scarborough and had stopped in York for a few hours. The passengers were due back to the coach at 1300hrs; however, at 1320hrs the coach driver called our office to report that a 90-year-old client, using a mobility aid, hadn't returned and wasn't answering his mobile (we later found out that he'd left the phone in the coach and he only switches it on to make a call anyway!).

To cut a long story short, calls to York Minster and Wetherspoons (his favourite haunts), North Yorkshire Police, and the local hospital initially drew a blank. However, everyone concerned couldn't have been more helpful and eventually a police officer located our client, completely lost, but unharmed, and returned him to our coach.

The coach left the city two hours later than planned, but all those on board accepted that it could have happened to any one of them; several clients have since vowed not only to carry their mobile phone, but to keep it switched on!

 Once again, many thanks to North Yorkshire Police for their kindness and efficiency, and all the other establishments we contacted for their kindness and concern; it is gratifying to know that help is at hand if needed.

Suzanne Evans,


Boon's Calibre Travel,

Chelmsford, Essex