‘Anyone got a Routemaster?’

In the summer of 2018, a team of eight ex-Wellington College students plan to drive a Routemaster bus from the UK to Shanghai, a distance of over 8,000 miles.

We plan to acquire an original model Routemaster in early 2017, and are working hard through contacts in the bus industry to achieve this.

The bus will need an enormous amount of work done, both mechanically and to its interior, in order to prepare it for such a journey. For example we plan to install sleeping quarters upstairs, as well as making mechanical alterations such as raising the ride height and a secondary fuel tank.

Once the bus arrives in Shanghai, there are plans to convert it into a permanent feature at Wellington College International Shanghai. Ideas include a cricket pavilion building or library.

We understand that completing a drive of this distance and complexity is a challenging project, but one that the team is enormously excited and enthusiastic about.

The trip is not only a personal dream for many of those involved but also acts as an export drive, globally advertising British engineering and, in fact, all things British.

For this reason interest has already been received from businesses both home and abroad, however further publicity, especially in the automotive industry, is key to jump-starting this project.

Alan Martin,