‘Regarding freelance drivers’

Regarding the letter on freelance drivers (routeONE, Letters, 10 August), I have been working as a freelance driver for years and have many tax returns and tax payments to the HMRC that show they are more than happy to tax me on money earnt as a freelance driver.

If you want to become a self-employed freelance driver, running your business as a sole proprietor and working for various customers, all you need to do to satisfy HMRC is go to their website and register details of your proposed activities and they will give you your unique tax reference number, which should then be quoted on all future correspondence.

Like all businesses you will be best advised to get some public liability insurance, which costs me £160 per year for £10 million cover. This covers my PSV and HGV activity. A bank account is a good idea and is quite often free for the first year for a new businesses.

Having worked for myself since 1987, I can honestly say the HMRC has never been so easy to deal with and they happily take many thousands of pounds off me each year from the proceeds of freelance driving.

It’s worth saying HMRC would not be happy or stand for a freelancer just being contracted to one customer, you will need various customers.

As many people will be aware with this industry, all the legislation comes from operator services which should not be confused with HMRC.

It is essential that all operators show due diligence when using ‘any’ driver and if you’re concerned regarding the article previously posted, make sure that the driver is legitimately running their own business, as well as licensed and capable of offering a good customer experience to your passengers.

So operators – go forth and book the services of a great driver.

Ian Bryant,