‘What do we pay liability insurance for?’

I refer to my previous letter (routeONE, Letters, 29 June) regarding coach parking (or lack of) and the dangers at Hartshead Moor Services.

Cars parking in coach bays at Hartshead has become a major issue

I contacted Welcome Break regarding this but to date I have not received any reply, so I decided to write to the Health and Safety Executive in Leeds outlining what I feel is a potential hazard for alighting coach passengers.

However, for some unknown reason they forwarded my letter on to Calderdale Parking Services at the Halifax Town Hall – you can appreciate that they were as baffled as I was as to why HSE did this.

Therefore a second letter to HSE, which this time did merit a phone call from them, from a person who informed me that they have no jurisdiction on parking at motorway services, and also went on to say that if any serious accident caused by coaches not being able to park occurred, they would not be informed.

The question now is why do we have liability insurance or pay taxes into the coffers of the HSE. Perhaps someone could advise what they actually do?

Rodney Dodson,

Carols Travel,


West Yorkshire