Scotland consults on registration changes

Government agency Transport Scotland has started a consultation on proposals to force bus operators to consult local authorities about all proposed service changes.

Currently, they have to notify councils 14 days before submitting an application to the Traffic Commissioner (TC).

It is proposed that this will be increased to 28 days.

Operators will be required to consult rather than notify the relevant authorities.

The government also proposes “encouraging the relevant authorities where appropriate to draw concerns arising out of registrations to the attention of the Traffic Commissioner and/or Transport Scotland.”

Also, it proposes reducing the registration period from 56 to 42 days – either for all registrations or for those submitted electronically –to maintain the overall time taken for the whole process from initial notification to the start of the service at 70 days.

The consultation is open to anyone and asks seven specific questions about the planned changes.

The consultation closes on 24 October.

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