Motorists’ institute rebrands in charity’s ‘unification’ project

IAM RoadSmart is the new name for the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM).

The change will “unify the charity with its commercial subsidiaries”, IAM Drive & Survive, Professional Driver Services and Driver Retraining Academy.

IAM RoadSmart will be launching a range of new training programmes for consumers and businesses.

IAM RoadSmart’s chief executive officer, Sarah Sillars OBE launched the rebranding

The rebrand is the result of extensive research that highlighted a number of key findings.

Firstly, drivers’ biggest concern is other drivers. Safety and fuel efficiency came out as the biggest motivators for younger drivers to take further training while insurance continues to be the most effective incentive.

This change will be reflected by a brand new logo and image – visit to get a glimpse of this new look.

The rebranding coincides with the charity’s 60th anniversary.

Its 200 local groups and 92,000 members continue to play a pivotal role in developing driving and riding standards across the country.

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, IAM RoadSmart will be launching a number of new modular products, with proposed topics including: eco driving, motorways, risk management, driving in unfamiliar places and built-in vehicle technology.

IAM RoadSmart’s chief executive officer, Sarah Sillars OBE says: “The most important thing for the majority of drivers and riders is getting from A to B with as little hassle as possible.

“The daily commute, travelling to a business meeting, or the drive to the shops, can be made so much more enjoyable with just a bit more awareness of the challenges on the road ahead. This is where IAM RoadSmart comes in.

“We’ve been around for 60 years and in that time roads, vehicles and distractions have changed, in some cases, beyond all recognition.

“To ensure we are in a position to support Britain’s road users for the next 60 years, we’ve invested significantly into researching the needs of today’s drivers and riders.  

“We will be launching a suite of new products to support the needs of all road users. The advanced driving and riding tests will remain core to what we do and will continue to be seen as the ultimate achievement, but if you just want to get more confident driving in bad weather for instance, we can help with that too.

“We’ve helped create nearly half a million better drivers and riders already and as we become recognised as IAM RoadSmart we hope to be able to help many more.”

Nigel Mansell, IAM President and Formula 1 World Champion, says: “To appeal to a new generation of drivers and riders it’s essential to understand and reflect their needs and priorities.

“In becoming IAM RoadSmart, the IAM is taking an essential step into an exciting future, with an approach that is more relevant than ever before.

“Everyone can enjoy their driving and riding more, whether they’re a world champion or simply covering five miles a day commuting to the office.

“And the skills which help you with an easier journey are the same which will help to reduce the numbers of casualties on our roads. We’ve had a great 60 years; what an exciting future we all have.”