Lothian Buses fleet gets fire protection

Evolution Security, an integrated security and fire solutions business, is providing essential fire protection service to Lothian Buses.

Lothian Buses has 700 vehicles on 70 routes in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas of Midlothian and East Lothian. It is a business that constantly invests in its services, its infrastructure and its vehicles.

An essential part of this investment is the need to provide a safe environment for its 2,000 employees, not just in the four main garages in which the vehicles are kept, serviced and maintained, but also in the travel shop, training centre and other office space in which its people work.

Lothian Buses has 700 vehicles on 70 routes in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas

Responsibility for protecting such a diverse portfolio of property rests with Facilities Manager Neil Aitken, and for Fire safety provision, Neil has recently turned to Evolution.

“Given the history of the company, and the range of property we own, we have a diverse range of fire systems all of which need to be serviced and maintained,” he says.

“Evolution supports us not only by servicing and maintaining our legacy investment, but also by recommending and installing new systems when they are required to ensure that our fire safety is never compromised.”

Evolution currently supports the systems installed across eight sites – a mix of technologies including alarm panels, radio systems and ancillaries from a diverse range of manufacturers.

It has a set of established Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with Lothian Buses with agreed response times for a service that is delivered 24/7, 365 days a year.

Nigel Hyson, Area Sales Manager for Evolution in Scotland, says that experience counts: “Working with disparate third-party systems is something that is only achievable through our depth of knowledge and experience.

“Working with Lothian Buses challenges us not only to maintain what’s there, but also provide best advice on new systems and technologies when change is required.”