Lucketts backs Project Pictogram road safety scheme

Lucketts Travel in Fareham, Hampshire has become the first coach company to support the new national road safety communications initiative, Project Pictogram.

The award-winning firm is displaying the safety signs on all the vehicles in its extensive fleet as part of its backing of the new national scheme.

Project Pictogram has been set up to encourage the owners of vehicle fleets to display road safety signs designed to prompt motorists to change their behaviour and reduce collisions.

The standard set of vehicle stickers communicate the dangers of the “fatal four”: inappropriate speed, using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and drink/drug driving.

The project has been endorsed by the road safety campaign Think!, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), local authorities and emergency services including Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police.

Lucketts Joint Managing Director Ian Luckett added: “Lucketts is keen to support any road safety initiative, and this is such a cost effective way for us to help get these crucial messages across to members of the travelling public.

“I would urge all fleet operators to join up to help get the public more aware of the issues.”

Sales and Marketing Director for Lucketts Group Paul Barringer, pictured, says: “Project Pictogram is a great initiative to improve road safety and one we wanted to support.

“We go the extra mile to ensure all our vehicles are safe and it’s great to get the opportunity to do something that could help to change other drivers’ behaviours. With a substantial fleet size, we recognise the positive effect we can have on motorists for such a small cost.”

Iain Temperton, Road Safety GB's director of communications, said: “This is a brilliantly simple idea that has been very well executed by the Hampshire road safety partnership. The Fatal 4 is a vital message to get across to drivers of all vehicles and the regular exposure to this distinctive graphic package will help reinforce positive behaviours.

“I urge all of our members to get behind the scheme by promoting it within their own networks and business communities; ideally we can all work together to ensure that vehicles all over the country help spread our road safety messages.”