‘Green’ your traditional fleet with Envirox

When introduced to the UK bus market in 2005, interest in the fuel additive Envirox was largely due to its fuel saving performance and the corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions. But did you know that Envirox also performs as an effective fuel borne catalyst (FBC) in assisting the regeneration of diesel particulate filters (DPFs)? Envirox is used in many leading brands of DPF cleaners/regenerators on the UK market.

DPFs have been fitted to all cars and vans since the introduction of Euro 5 in 2010 and buses and trucks since Euro 6 in 2015. FBCs lower the temperature at which soot burns away in exhaust systems, enabling DPFs and other sensitive parts of the exhaust system to perform their function in slow speed urban driving conditions.

In real world operations, DPFs often struggle to work well due to soot blockage arising from insufficiently hot exhaust gas temperatures. Despite on board ‘active regeneration’ systems on vehicles, owners often experience operational problems with DPFs.

Envirox DPF Assist presents vehicle owners with an available, low cost means of ensuring DPFs function well in urban service and perform their vital role in trapping over 90% of harmful diesel soot particles. A less blocked DPF leads to better fuel economy – and therefore reduces CO2 emissions.