‘Quality you expect’ from Dana’s drivetrain products

Dana manufactures Spicer drivetrain products to the same high standards as original equipment (OE). When a part is replaced with a Spicer product, you receive the durability you know, with the quality and performance you expect.

With more than 110 years of experience, Dana continuously develops new designs, materials and processes for Spicer products to provide more power, greater efficiency and better overall performance. When choosing Spicer, customers know they are buying the highest quality products available.

Dana manufactures Spicer driveshafts, axles, transmission parts, and related components for light-vehicle, commercial vehicle, off-highway, military, industrial, and performance applications. This product line includes driveshafts formerly branded as GWB and Italcardano.

Dana is committed to continually advancing its technology to provide lower operating costs, better performance and longer life through its full breadth of services. In fact, because the team are constantly innovating, the service parts bought today not only meet OE quality standards – but also have the latest upgrades built right in.

A complete interchangeability with existing parts provides total product compatibility with no change in part numbers.

All employees at Dana Holding Corporation hold themselves to the “highest standards of business conduct”. It prides itself on being “committed to always conducting business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner”.