CHB is leading the way in managed transport

Coach Hire Booking (CHB) is focused on providing a managed service that distributes work into the coach industry. Its service is based on its ability to work with operators, and it is looking for opportunities to build new relationships within the industry.

Its operational management software gives it an edge in meeting customer service and operational requirements. It can offer coach operators a variety of work: Private hire, corporate, pre-planned and emergency, for coaches, minicoaches and smaller vehicles. It also offers executive chauffeur work.

The technological advantages CHB can offer are numerous. It provides invoice consolidation, generates unique, integrated reference numbers, and both customers and suppliers received identical confirmation notes.

Operators also receive live access to update their details, including contact numbers and fleet changes. CHB’s paperless environment generates full operational and accounting-based documentation within seconds. An integrated supplier portal allows operational information to be provided by suppliers either on a daily or ad-hoc basis, and it provides access to available work. It also assists CHB’s compliance department in ensuring all suppliers meet its high standards.

A programme of continuous development and upgrade is undertaken to improve CHB’s systems, driven by requests from suppliers, partners and its own staff alike. To join its database, contact the customer service team on 08450 944620.