Coach Hire Exchange helps to fill empty leg journeys

Coach Hire Exchange (CHX) is an entirely free of charge cloud-based job exchange and passenger recovery service for coach and minibus operators.

Launched just over a year ago, CHX has already attracted a UK membership of 1,200 operators.

CHX works by giving operators a simple but effective means of sharing the details of those jobs they may need assistance with with a large number of other operators.

CHX also handles mechanical assistance requests and lets operators freely advertise their available vehicles and empty legs.

The CHX website can be used on a browser running on a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. In addition CHX is also available as a free-of-charge app for iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

The instant a new job is posted, CHX sends out emails and app notifications to other operators. This process is fully automated so as to ensure operators are able to respond literally within just a few seconds of a job being posted.

CHX is a standalone service and is not dependent on any other systems. It is quick and easy to use and is of equal benefit to operators both with and without a booking management system. That said, CHX is fully integrated with the well-known Coach Manager booking system offered by York-based Distinctive Systems.

CHX is an invaluable tool for operators looking to maximise vehicle revenue through improved utilisation.