Driver engagement is key to managing fuel usage

21st Century has been undertaking a series of “train-the-trainer” events to support customers who have been cutting fuel usage by using the system integrators’ telematics solution, EcoManager.

EcoManager works by recording key events during journeys, including harsh acceleration, excessive breaking and G-force when cornering. 

These results are then used to give instant feedback on driving style via the cab-mounted driver display, and can also be accessed via 21st Century Technology’s web-based platform.

This then enables drivers, and depot managers alike, to check their results over fixed periods with pre-defined levels of access.

21st Century maintains that the most effective method of obtaining long-term emission reductions is to create experts within the depot itself; using the vast amount of knowledge already held by depot trainers, whose experience allows them to get the best out of drivers.

The partnership of EcoManager collated data and trainer know-how has seen some depots cut fuel usage by up to 12%.

Mark Johnson, Director of Fleet Systems says, “By creating an environment that encourages positive reinforcement of best driving practices, you are able to build an atmosphere of healthy competition amongst the drivers, with each striving to lower their fuel usage.  The best way to achieve this is by building upon successful driver/trainer relationships already in place.”