Futureproofed innovation for CCTV from Synectics Synergy 3 systems

Today, surveillance systems on vehicles are a must-have, becoming an invaluable asset and saving operators thousands of pounds.
It’s not just about capturing footage for crime enforcement or challenging spurious claims – surveillance is much more than that, and can have a massive impact on operators’ bottom lines.

CCTV can proactively help drivers avoid collisions. Installing external high-definition IP cameras and streaming them into the driver’s cab helps prevent accidents, avoid cyclists and provides useful evidence in ‘crash for cash’ claims.

Integrating with other systems such as telematics and CANBus, provides in-depth data about sharp breaking, speed, vehicle performance and maintenance; reducing the risk of collision and passenger injury as well as saving fuel, emissions and vehicle wear.

With evolving technologies incidents and fleets can be managed through Synectics’ Synergy 3 integrated management platform for transport, which can be programmed to ‘look for’ incidents captured by the cameras and then streamed from the vehicle, enabling it to automatically switch to continuous live-streaming.

Synergy 3 Transport works with the cloud which reduces costs by providing instant access to footage to multiple authorised users, speeding up the claims handling process and protecting against fraudulent claims.

Whatever operators want from future systems, or whatever problems they’re having now, they can come and talk to us about finding a solution for them.