Get the right part for the job with PSV Transport Systems

Hoddesdon-based PSV Transport Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of systems and components for the coach and bus industry. It has several manufacturing and reconditioning workshops in fields such as rotating electrics, wheelchair ramps, powered doors and electronics. The company also has support from sister company J. Lewis Auto Electrical.

With this level of expertise, the company aims to fully understand the components that it supplies and offers technical support and backup not available from ‘off the shelf’ parts suppliers.

The company’s product range covers electrical, mechanical and pneumatic applications across the full scope of the coach and bus industry, from driveline components to wheelchair ramps and driver’s seating.

It has a long-standing relationship with fire suppression specialist Fogmaker International AB as UK distributor and installer. The Swedish company has more the 110,000 systems across 50 countries.

The system uses high-pressure water mist and offers several benefits over non-approved powder systems associated with failures, re-ignition and corrosion.

PSV has recently been appointed UK distributor for Aesys LED Destination Equipment. Available in amber or white colour, the new Minerva series features high performance surface mount technology LEDs and a lightweight aluminium case. Minerva signs are available for the front, side and rear of the bus. Destinations can be selected through the embedded keypad of the DC600 control unit and uploaded with a USB stick.