GT Glass launches new resin formula for its Crack Eraser kit

GT Glass’ newly-launched Crack Eraser kit does exactly what the name suggests, erasing cracks from high-value coach and bus windscreens in minutes. The company is now using a unique resin formula that will repair a crack by simply drizzling the resin through it. No training or equipment is needed, just resin, crack strips and a UV curing lamp which are all included in the kit. The Crack Eraser kit can be used at home or away, allowing journeys to be continued without interruption and downtime, associated with sourcing and fitting expensive replacements. The kit will repair several windscreens and would only require topping up with new resin as the components of the kit are reusable.

For windscreen chip repair, GT Glass also has the new Superstar stainless steel, vacuum and pressure windscreen chip repair kit brought over from the USA. Most commonly, the UK repair market uses 1990s plastic component technology for windscreen repair. GT has raised the bar with improved performance with no resin leakage from its stainless steel injectors. Online videos are available to be viewed at for all of its products. The price of £75.00 +VAT for the Crack Eraser kit is a once-only launch offer available when quoting this advert. Please call 01522 685330.