CheckedSafe’s innovative app helps to keep your fleet in check

CheckedSafe’s award winning apps are inexpensive and simple. The apps range from a digital walk round check, a dynamic risk assessment and a Loneworker App, among others.

These simple but effective apps are designed to help with compliance issues. The company’s aim has been to create inexpensive solutions to everyday compliance problems.

It is well recognised by insurers that a compliant fleet is a good risk and is likely to enjoy cheaper premiums as a result. CheckedSafe is currently exploring a partnership with an insurer to reduce premiums for customers that use its compliance apps.

Simplicity is the key to making sure that when an operator introduces a process for the benefit of the business, employees adopt that process willingly. The apps are so user-friendly that employees immediately see the benefit to them, encouraging standards to improve.

The DVSA is moving into the digital age and getting on board with CheckedSafe’s apps will mean you will be too. By moving to digital checks, you can identify where checks are done, when checks are done, how long they have taken and critically see that they’re being done properly.

The apps cost just £1 per week per vehicle/user. The system is available 24/7, 365 days per year. Contact the team for a free 30-day trial by emailing