Regular tyre monitoring maintains optimum economy

Bridgestone believes that a combination of their premium product and tailored packages of support are the key to its position as a major player in the bus and coach sector.

The U-AP 001 (available in 275 and 245 sizes) has an improved casing versus the highly successful R192 pattern. It has been built to support high stress and deformation forces for thousands of kilometres, during new and retread lives.

Possessing a thicker sidewall, the UAP 001 possesses high safety throughout the tyre’s lifecycle, while also boasting all-season performance and high load capacity.

In addition to developments to Bridgestone’s range of products, the company firmly believes in regular monitoring and inspection to maintain optimum economy and maximise safety.

As such, Bridgestone bus fleets have the opportunity to receive all of their inspections electronically via Bridgestone’s T2i inspection system, which captures tread depth and any wear issues.

This allows the operator to plan expenditure and minimise surprises through full reporting.

Bridgestone has also developed a unique Tyre Pressure Monitoring System which is already deployed at major bus fleets. The retro fit solution has an integrated valve cap which captures tyre pressures and temperatures every six seconds.

This is then sent to a receiver located at the depot. In the event of a pressure failure, a report is immediately sent to the tyre responsible person immediately to take action.