Sharing vital information with REACT Technologies to aid independent travel

imedia is a custom-designed real-time information (RTI) display system that shares important data on your public transport network to improve accessibility and support independent journeys.

REACT Technologies’ mission is to improve the lives of people with specialist accessibility needs through its technology, working closely with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB).

imedia’s modern displays show rich, varied content, offering the ultimate control to share this information at the precise point when it is needed most.

imedia showcases information such as:

  • Approaching stops
  • Connecting buses, trams or trains
  • Special offers available along the route
  • The time of the next service
  • Service disruption information
  • Fare offers available for the route.

imedia allows you to organise images, video and web content for use on the displays and shares the information at strategic points to make journeys more simple for your passengers.

REACT Technologies is the only European licensed supplier and manufacturer of RNIB react-enabled accessibility technology, including the imedia real-time information display, which forms part of the system.

The experienced team can bring innovation and credibility to your projects and position you as a trusted leader in improving public transport accessibility and encouraging independent living.

Call 01457 861 431 to find out more about imedia or any of the services provided by REACT Technologies.