Synectics’ future-proof solution for your CCTV

When deploying new digital CCTV technology, it is important to make sure its capabilities are used to best support your operations, to get the maximum return on investment from your system.

An IP camera’s improved HD clarity of image has enabled operators to extract a larger amount of crucial information from the footage, such as reading car registrations.

Currently the trend is to install only one or two IP cameras within a specification, usually as a cab-mounted forward facing camera, which provides exceptional clarity in the event of a collision or false claim. However, as the benefits of IP are seen, Synectics is installing larger IP set-ups and transitioning customers from fully analogue to at least one IP camera.

Synergy 3 technology works with the cloud

With 85% of vehicles now fitted with CCTV, the coach and bus sector is generating huge amounts of data with the introduction of Wi-Fi and live streaming of footage via 3G and 4G. As the mobile network moves towards 5G, customers will want to gather instant driving data, passenger numbers, route traffic conditions and live-streaming during an accident situation.

Synectics’ Synergy 3 Transport works with the cloud, delivering an immediate reduction in internal infrastructure and management requirements. The cloud will also reduce costs by providing instant access to footage to multiple authorised users, speeding up the claims handling process and protecting against fraudulent claims.