Tokheim has the fuelling solution for any fleet of vehicles

Tokheim ProFleet provides a complete range of commercial fleet fuelling solutions to operate any fleet of vehicles.

Tokheim has future-proofed its solutions with dispensers for all the various grades of road fuels, AdBlue, AvGas, LPG and hydrogen.

Quantium fuel dispensers can be standalone or fully integrated into the DiaLOG fuel management system, a web-based system that can also be synced with a company’s internal server and has no licence fee.

Quantium dispensers have been independently verified to have less service interventions than other pumps and are ATEX and MID compliant.

Tokheim’s ProGauge product, with a no risk wireless connection, can be integrated into DiaLOG or used as a standalone feature.

An area of concern for many customers is a fuel gauge’s water content. ProGauge has both product and water detection software accurate to 0.01mm and is temperature compensated.

SmartFuel is is an automated refuelling system that incorporates fuel authorisation based on vehicle identification and odometer capture.

It is designed to help reduce fraud and overcome many of the limitations inherent in traditional data input technology.

Tokheim is also able to offer a new filtration product that has been independently proved to improve fuel efficiency by up to 5%.

High volume fuel users can see substantial reductions in fuel usage and CO2 output.