Totalkare can look after your garage maintenance needs

While the importance of regularly servicing vehicle lifts and other workshop equipment is well understood in terms of health and safety legislation, confusion remains over the further steps that need to be taken. In fact, the vehicle workshop environment is becoming more complex with the management of safe working practices, increasing risk of litigation and stringent legislation – not just concerns for employees, but employers, too.

As a result, operators are becoming increasingly reliant on workshop equipment suppliers to help them through the maze of regulations on the products they sell, lease or hire.

Obvious examples of such challenges include the Provision and Use of Workshop Equipment Regulations (PUWER) and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER). A Report of Thorough Examination is also required, providing a detailed examination of the equipment and its safety-critical parts. With so much at stake it’s become increasingly common for workshop operators to outsource their lift management programme to an external provider who can organise everything from routine maintenance to training and legislation compliance.

As a result, equipment providers such as Totalkare are evolving to provide a more comprehensive service that goes well beyond supplying equipment or carrying out repairs when something goes wrong. By doing so, workshop managers and operators can get on with their day-to-day duties.