TruTac working with CPT on fully compliant software

Tacho analysis provider TruTac has been supplying logistics software to the coach and bus industry for over 20 years. It delivers software solutions for all fleet sizes and sectors, making managing compliance easier while saving time and money.

Its products include digital walkaround software (TruChecks) and attendance and time management systems (TruTime).

The product specific to the coach and bus market is TruControlPSV, a fully web-based digital and analogue tachograph analysis system specifically for PSV operators.

It’s a product endorsed by the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT). TruTac is a commercial partner of the CPT after working on its Tacho Analysis software last year, a tender won because of this “exclusive” TruControlPSV product, according to Head of Commercial Operations Jemma James.

A benefit of the system is that it feeds back to the driver through a log-in portal called TruDriver, where drivers can see their personal tacho data, any infringements and what hours they have remaining.

TruTac solutions are all modular, so upgrading solutions is simple. It can also offer product training, and user security can be adapted depending on an employee’s role in the company. There is no need for upgrades – which can be costly – just a flexible, scalable and dependable solution.

TruTac’s solutions will save operators’ time, money and resources, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.