Cummins wins £4.9m stop-start technology grant

UK innovation agency the Technology Strategy Board is awarding 4.9m of a total 9.9m project to a Cummins-led consortium, to support the development of new stop-start engine capabilities, improving commercial vehicle fuel efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions..

Named FIRSTTM for Frequent Integrated Soft Stop Start Technology, the 36-month project is a collaboration of engineers from three of Cummins’ UK businesses in Darlington, Stamford, Peterborough and Huddersfield.

Says Cummins FIRSTTM Technical Project Leader Dr Neil Brown: “For operations with frequent stop-start duty cycles, such as buses and delivery trucks, there is an opportunity for fuel savings by switching off the engine when stationary.

“Present solutions have limitations, so the funding enables Cummins to deliver a capable and durable technology to the market in a timely manner.”

Cummins will work with a number of partners.

Dynex, which produces high power semiconductor devices and assemblies, will develop new inverter technology.

Castlet are designers and packagers of power electronic and control systems. The University of Nottingham will ensure the project delivers the most advanced power electronic controller in the market.