Miliband pledges zero hours’ crackdown

Labour leader Ed Miliband says that a future Labour government would crack down on the abuse of zero hours contracts – but stop short of banning them..

His proposal on zero hours contracts would mean new rights for workers:

  • To demand a fixed hours contract when they have worked regular hours over six months with the same employer
  • To receive a fixed hours contract automatically when they have worked regular hours over a year – unless they decide to opt out
  • To be protected from employers forcing them to be available at all hours, insisting they cannot work for anyone else, or cancelling shifts at short notice without compensation.

It follows a review for Labour by former Morrisons HR Head Norman Pickavance, who says that a ban would be wrong: “For some people, like those in semi-retirement or students fitting work between studies, these contracts can provide just the kind of flexibility they are looking for.”