Hinduja Group billionaire attends Optare MetroDecker London launch

Launched in Covent Garden on 21 May, Optare’s stylish MetroDecker has been developed with the London bus market firmly in its sights and this was reflected in comments made by the Major of London Boris Johnson. .

Meanwhile the importance of the new addition to the Ashok Leyland-owned manufacturer’s range was emphasised by the fact that one of the billionaire owners of the parent, Hinduja Group, was on hand to support the event.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson expressed his wholehearted support for the MetroDecker, saying he considered it “an important development in the bus manufacturing industry, and testament to the hard work the Hinduja Group has achieved since taking control of Optare.”

The MetroDecker is the second of a series of products specifically developed for the London market, the first being the MetroCity. Speaking at the occasion, Gopi Hinduja [pictured], Co-Chairman of the Hinduja Group, said: “We are extremely proud that Optare is transforming itself into a truly international company, with the able support of Ashok Leyland, our group flagship that carries over 100 million people on its buses every day.

“The MetroDecker is a critical product for Optare. We will continue to invest and make Optare a premium urban bus brand globally.”