Irizar UK expands range with 10.8m i6 integral

Irizar UK is using Euro Bus Expo (4-6 November) as the platform to launch its latest model – a 10.8m integral i6 luxury coach.

With 43 seats plus driver and courier, it adds to the flexibility and versatility of its range with three alternative lengths of the i6 integral; the 12.9 metre on two axles (to be shown with 56 seats) and 13.87m tri-axle with 53 seats.

At 3.5 metres high (plus roof-mounted air conditioning) the new 10.m i6 offers smaller groups a “more intimate experience without compromising on comfort or views.” Available as a standard or executive, this coach will find a home in many fleets, says Irizar UK.

From 2015, operators will also be able to choose the i6 integral at 13.2m on three axles with up to 57 seats and centre sunken toilet. Also available in the Irizar integral line-up, but not at the show this year, is the low-height i4 and the iconic PB, and offering fleets the ability to have a broad range of applications covered without compromising on style.

With full leather, extra padding and double stitching on the luxurious 53-seat i6 13.87m, this vehicle offers the “ultimate in comfort” for corporate and VIP applications. Premiership football club supplier Ellison’s Coach Travel – which is taking the show vehicle – has also specified black privacy glass to the side windows.