DTS Anytime: PCV theory test revision for the digital age


Driving Test Success has produced PCV driver learning material for nine years. Its digital solution helps operators to address major issues in finding the right people for the job

DTS Anytime tablet use
Operators can monitor students’ progress as they complete modules

Driving Test Success Anytime (DTS Anytime) knows that when margins are tight, efficiency is a necessity to success. Drivers are at the heart of an operation, and optimising the path to finding the right men and women for the job could end a headache rarely out of the industry’s mind.

The company has championed innovative methods of improving theory test pass rates for nearly 25 years. For the past nine, it has also targeted the DVSA PCV and LCV theory tests and provides the complete syllabus to earn a Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (DCPC) Part 1a, 1b and 2.

Using an interactive online platform, the entire process from revision to practice test is streamlined both for the benefit of the candidate and for the employer. When once the method to do so was books and paper, DTS Anytime has wholly embraced the power that digital learning has to offer and with the latest tools offers its users a promising pass likelihood three times higher than that by traditional means.

It has paid off; drastic improvements in pass rates have been reported alongside a reduction in time spent on the training, with one company reporting an average 12-week period of revision for its candidates being reduced to just three. This is beneficial for the company, as it can get its drivers behind the wheel more efficiently – but also for the candidate, who may not be getting paid while preparing for the test.

How DTS Anytime works

DTS Anytime phone use
DTS Anytime is available on a variety of digital platforms

When a company partners with DTS Anytime, it is offered a portal by which it can set up accounts for any of its candidates. Bespoke solutions are available, such as particular branding. As candidates progress with their revision – all handled through the platform – the operator or school can monitor their progress to see which modules they have studied, and how well they are doing with mock tests. It is then possible for the operator to decide when it believes its candidates are ready for the real thing. It offers an insight into the kind of candidates the company is investing in.

But DTS Anytime does not restrict its learning material to what’s offered through the web portal (though there is ample material to help anyone pass, with relevant Highway Code sections, revision material, practice questions, case studies and over 700 hazard perception clips). The company extends its hand to candidates with a passionate in-house team, a social media community and the assurance that it is always on hand to offer knowledge and advice to learners.

DTS Anytime Digital Sales and Partnerships Executive Jag Ford is on the team ensuring companies recruit safe, compliant drivers in a timely and efficient manner.

“Students not being test ready is one of the most unnecessary ways that companies waste money,” she says. “By monitoring their progress, companies can see where their students’ strengths and weaknesses are and find out when the time is right.”

DTS Anytime works with top training schools and some of the largest bus organisations up and down the country. It says the platform has been well-received and comes highly recommended.

Solving problems

DTS Anytime Jag Ford executive
Jag Ford: “Students not being test ready is one of the most unnecessary ways that companies waste money,”

The organisation takes a holistic approach in its efforts to improve the efficiency with which drivers are trained and recruited. In doing so, it can help address industry-wide issues.

Jag says the platform is already letting operators face the driver shortage problem, something most in the industry will be familiar with. She believes shortages can be halved by participation.

“Part of our ethos is to tackle driver shortages,” she explains. “The platform lets people revise more efficiently. This helps companies find the right people and find them faster.”

But there are other advantages besides; time spent studying can be put towards apprenticeship hours, and the accessibility of the platform strives to even out perceptions and a gender imbalance in the industry by allowing anyone from any walk of life to access the training modules from any device, be it a phone, tablet or laptop.

But the first improvements operators will see will be those in time and money. Time by being able to monitor the progress of candidates, and money by efficiently organizing test dates knowing when a candidate has done all that they can to prepare for it.

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