ADL address E200, E300 suspension difficulties

Service kit to be dispatched to operators ‘as a matter of urgency’ as DVSA recommends inspections

Alexander Dennis (ADL) will issue a service kit to operators of first-generation Enviro200s built between 2004-2018, and Enviro300s built between 2002-2015, to address issues related to the front and rear suspension.

DVSA wrote to keepers of the affected buses last week advising them that issues had been detected, although one operator with two Enviro200s that are affected told routeone that it has not yet received any communication from the agency.

DVSA recommends that safety inspections of the affected areas should be carried out within two weeks, and then on a weekly basis until modifications are made.

On Monday, ADL issued a statement saying that it has created a service kit to address the problems. The kit will be dispatched free of charge “as a matter of urgency” for self-fitting.

The front suspension will see a polyurethane ring fitted to the existing catcher bracket to further restrict axle movement in the event of failure of the front spring while in motion. At the rear, a bolt migration catcher bracket has been designed to prevent the anchor bolt from migrating from the joint in the event of failure.

“Both of these modifications are designed to enhance safety in the event of failure,” says UK Aftermarket Director Mark Wallis. “It has been agreed with DVSA that these parts will be issued to keepers of all affected vehicles free of charge in a service kit. In the meantime, inspection and maintenance remains the best way to identify and prevent failure of parts.”

The issue does not affect second-generation Enviro200 MMCs. ADL makes all service manuals and bulletins available via its website