BrakeMate: Premier Pits saves backs and wallets

Premier Pits were presenting BrakeMate at Coach & Bus UK, which won silver at the Innovation Challenge.

Premier Pits boasts a range of solutions, from its galvanised weatherproof wash pits and ramps to its general maintenance pits and pit refurbishment, all built and carried out to CE certification.

The company is tackling back injuries with BrakeMate, an elevated service platform for reducing injury during brake disc maintenance.

“We develop everything with health and safety in mind,” says Marketing Manager Matt Dilley.

A complete brake disc assembly can weigh up to 70kg, far in excess of the 25kg recommendations from HSE – and Premier Pits says it has heard many instances of a single user attempting to lift such assemblies.

BrakeMate allows for the whole brake disc maintenance process to be carried out, from removing the caliper and the hub, and allowing an easy change-over where the new disc is ready to be turned in the carousel and the assembly put back together.

While mainly used in conjunction with pits, Premier Pits says the BrakeMate can be used away from a pit or lift so long as there is enough space and a flat surface to walk on. It adds that there is no risk of BrakeMate falling into the pit when undertaking maintenance work.