Desi Coaches adopts Wheely-Safe across its fleet

Nilesh Patel of Desi Coaches

Desi Coaches has installed the latest generation of Wheely-Safe technology across its fleet. The Harrow operator chose the supplier’s in-motion wheel loss detection product, which combines brake and hub temperature monitoring with an intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). 

The package adopted by Desi Coaches includes external TPMS sensors. They replace the conventional valve cap, and auto-pair with an in-cab receiver. Those are fitted alongside a pair of wheel loss sensors on each wheel. Diagnostic software built into the receiver lets the operator know that all sensors are working and paired correctly. 

Engineers employed by the operator fitted the equipment after a brief demonstration. Director Nilesh Patel (pictured, above) says that in addition to the safety benefits it brings, ensuring that tyres are running at the optimum pressure will keep fuel costs and downtime to a minimum. 

Adds Mr Patel: “I had heard about the technology in the media a little while ago and thought it sounded like an excellent product. Then recently, I saw that it had been recognised by DVSA, so I decided it was time to get it installed.

Desi Coaches fleet lineup
Desi Coaches has installed Wheely-Safe across its fleet of vehicles

“We take the safety of our passengers and other road users very seriously. A lot of our work is with local schools, transporting children, and we want to guarantee that we are running the safest possible vehicles.

“To have one simple to use system in place that protects us against any issues with the wheel or tyre is good sense. 

“As well as looking after our own fleet, we do maintenance work for several other operators as well, so naturally we want to be seen to be setting the highest of standards across the industry.”