HCT Group and South Pennine CT agree on ticket acceptance

HCT Group and South Pennine Community Transport

HCT Group, through its CT Plus Yorkshire and Powell’s operations, and South Pennine Community Transport have reached agreement to accept each other’s unlimited travel day passes.

The collaboration began on 1 June with an aspiration to create better links for passengers and better value for money. All three operators are social enterprises that prioritise enabling members of their communities to travel.

“We think a ticketing scheme that makes that easier is a great idea and we are delighted to be working with South Pennine Community Transport,” says HCT Group Interim Regional Manager Rhys Hand.

Adds South Pennine Community Transport Managing Director Kevin Carr: “We are all about improving the availability of transport for those who find it difficult to access and linking unconnected communities. Working in partnership with HCT Group to accept each other’s day tickets will mean more options for our passengers with great value for money.”