McGill’s Buses donates to Armed Forces charity Erskine

McGills Erskine donation

McGill’s Buses has this month marked Remembrance with a donation of £1,000 to the veteran’s charity Erskine and a display of poppies on its fleet.

The charity, which was founded in 1916, provides nursing and medical care to members of the UK’s Armed Forces. The West Scotland operator made the donation to Fundraising Manager Karen McAulay and Erskine Community Manager Jim Watret at the charity’s home in Bishopton.

“The work of Erskine in caring for those who served their country is renowned,” says McGill’s Buses co-owner Sandy Easdale. “We’re pleased to be able to make a contribution to the charity. Their home at Bishopton is at the heart of the community McGill’s Buses serves and although this year’s Remembrance period will be different, we need to remember Erskine’s outstanding efforts require continued support.”

Adds McGill’s Buses co-owner James Easdale: “Erskine is an institution that is admired throughout Scotland. Its staff, and families of residents at the home, are regulars on our bus services every day and we wanted to demonstrate our thanks – especially during the pandemic.”

In addition to the donation McGill’s Buses continues to offer free travel year round to serving Armed Forces personal to demonstrate gratitude to their service.