Ticketer and Via partnership to better integrate demand-responsive transport

Via On Demand App

Ticketer and Via have announced a new partnership that they say will transform the way operators and local authorities across the UK will be able to offer demand-responsive transport (DRT) solutions.

Namely, the two companies hope the partnership will allow DRT to be better integrated into “conventional” bus networks.

The partnership is a response to increased interest in the role that DRT will play in complementing traditional methods of public transport. It will combine Ticketer’s expertise and technology for onboard ticketing and software with Via’s platform for flexible DRT solutions.

The collaboration will use real-time data from both conventional bus services and DRT to enable “multimodal and intermodal journeys,” booked by passengers through a single mobile app powered by Via’s technology, and integrate mobile ticketing that will allow passengers to purchase a single ticket that can be used on both a conventional bus and DRT services on the same transport network.

It is also hoped the data will enable providers to switch between DRT and conventional bus services to meet demand.

“We have seen communities across the UK increasingly ask how they can implement new on-demand public transport services in traditionally undeserved areas, while simultaneously supporting and enhancing existing bus services,” says Chris Snyder, Via’s Europe CEO. “Via’s partnership with Ticketer represents an important step toward enabling transport authorities and operators to create integrated, efficient, data-driven transport networks that offer riders a unified journey planning and booking experience that seamlessly connects DRT with conventional bus services.”

Adds Andy Monshaw, Group CEO at Ticketer: “We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Via. We have long believed that connecting communities is critical, and DRT enables operators and local authorities to work together to offer an improved and seamless way to travel.

“Combining available transport options onto one platform that is easily accessible to users will simplify the passenger process and allow multi-modal transport journeys to be planned and paid for with ease. Integrating with Via’s flexible DRT solutions is just the start of Ticketer’s journey in creating an industry framework to enable partners seamlessly to integrate and deliver a more robust passenger experience.”