Transport managers should ask questions

Transport Managers (TM) nominated on an O-Licence should ask questions if they don’t have contact with the operator. Failure to do so could result in the loss of their repute – meaning they will be banned from working as a TM

The warning comes from West Midlands Traffic Commissioner (TC), Nick Denton (pictured), who is telling transport managers to be vigilant when they agree to be named on an O-Licence.

It comes after a replacement TM admitted he had “no contact” with the licence holder.

The TC told Renford Stephenson that he “should have been concerned” after an operator asked him to be on a licence and submitted the forms – but the two didn’t have any further contact.

Mr Denton said this was a strong indication that all “was not as it should have been” with the nomination.

Mr Denton’s comments come after a Public Inquiry (PI) when he heard that Ace Drinks Ltd came to the TC’s attention after its previous TM, Charles North, resigned. Mr North said his decision was due to lack of communication with Director Parminder Dhadwal.

The operator then nominated Mr Stephenson as TM but failed to declare his association with two previously revoked licences. The TC’s office asked for an explanation, but the firm failed to respond.

The operator didn’t employ Mr Stephenson as a replacement TM during the consideration process, which was delayed considerably because the company failed to respond to correspondence from TC.

At the PI Mr Dhadwal was banned from operating. Mr Stephenson was required to attend a TM CPC refresher course to keep his repute.

Official advice to TMs is here