Freeway Fleet Systems cloud platform adopted by HCT Group

Freeway Fleet Systems adopted by HCT Group

HCT Group has transferred its fleet management to a cloud-based IT platform provided by software supplier Freeway Fleet Systems. The Amazon Web Services (AWS)-hosted platform removes the use of internal servers, with resulting improvements to access, connectivity and security.

Benefits of a cloud-based, paperless approach have been particularly felt by HCT Group thanks to its geographic spread of operations. It has six operations running from 12 sites. With cloud hosting providing group-wide access to the same software, the need to arrange access to servers at each location has been displaced by a simpler ‘global’ method of fleet management.

That allows the Freeway Fleet Systems compliance, maintenance and procurement platform to give HCT a universal view of its assets and their availability. Real time management reports are generated and there is group-wide purchasing and cost control thanks to a common asset database.

Says Director of Business Systems Donna Norman: “The switch to Freeway’s cloud-hosted service has transformed the performance of the software. It is a lot faster and more reliable. The combination of the Amazon Web Services platform and a centrally-managed Freeway software service gives us assurance that we now have a secure and future-proofed solution.”

Freeway Fleet Systems says that the use of AWS hosting brings “a new level of protection that was not possible previously,” displacing any system and data securing concerns. It provides and maintains the cloud infrastructure that is hosted on the AWS platform. Freeway also manages users that need to connect to the cloud to run its product.