Travelstar European adopts TruTac compliance control

Travelstar European has switched to TruTac compliance control software to deliver real-time monitoring and checking of each of its drivers and vehicles.

The Walsall operator is utilising a suite of products. An example of how the TruTac Tacho Analysis solution – developed in partnership with the Confederation of Passenger Transport (CPT) – will be useful to Travelstar European relates to the continental journeys that form part of its regular workload.

“With the ’12-day rule’, where drivers on an international trip can take their weekly rest after 12 consecutive 24-hour periods, we need to know ahead of time when any individual might be at risk of exceeding their limit so we can avoid triggering an infringement,” says Operations Manager Craig Jackson.

To that end, TruTac Tacho Analysis provides automatic digital reporting of all key information. A web portal allows the operator to monitor any vehicle or any driver whenever it wishes to. All data is secure and instantly retrievable, with automatic email reporting, should it be required for random inspections.

Travelstar European also uses the TruTac CPT Licence Check module. Fully approved by CPT, it enables the operator to carry out online verification checks of UK driving licences and Driver CPC information.

The Walsall company additionally benefits from TruTac CPT Daily Checks. That software, designed by TruTac and CPT specifically for the coach and bus industry, makes it easy for drivers to carry out inspections and to send photographs and detailed notes to the company relating to any defects they find.

The system complies with all regulations and DVSA guidance on inspection and service maintenance records. Advisory and failed checks are highlighted and reported for audit records, while all checks and reports can be downloaded in various formats for detailed KPI analysis.

Adds Craig: “We find the software and the support from TruTac to be first class. Both play a key part in ensuring that we stay compliant and professional.”