Burnley Heroes: The Burnley Bus Company offers tribute to town’s NHS workers

The Burnley Bus Company has honoured NHS staff and key workers with a special ‘Burnley heroes’ bus, recognising their vital efforts during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

The bus is finished in orange and red with a blue NHS heart and rainbow, and carries photographs of local key workers and health service staff. Each was nominated by friends and relatives via social media.

On the rear of the bus, drivers, engineers and support staff from The Burnley Bus Company’s Queensgate depot are recognised.

The vehicle made a visit to Burnley General Teaching Hospital this week to give NHS staff their first view of the completed bus.

Alex Hornby, Burnley Bus Company CEO, says: “As key workers ourselves, our drivers and support teams know first-hand how important it is to keep serving local people by helping others who need to make a journey.

“We know there are many unsung heroes doing all kinds of jobs right now who deserve out community’s thanks, and so we decided to recognise them by covering our ‘Burnley heroes’ bus with their photos, along with the jobs they do – with our amazing NHS workers given pride of place.”

Nominations were invited in partnership with Burnley Express. More heroes buses are expected across the North of England, working with other local media partners.

Adds Chief Executive of the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust: “The NHS is doing a fantastic job and there’s no way we could do this without the support of key workers in the wider community. I hope the ‘Burnley heroes’ bus will make all who see it pause to think about the vitally important work being done to keep our community going.”