Sponsored content: FORS helps coach and bus operators

FORS Business Services Manager, Paul Wilkes explains: Local authorities are now responsible for meeting tough air quality targets, and with Clean Air Zones and Low Emission Zones in place in many cities, the need for efficient road transport has never been greater.

As part of its remit to drive up standards across road transport nationally, FORS is working closely with local authorities to help reduce the emissions of passenger carrying vehicles.

In fact, FORS progressive accreditation is now being built into many local authority service contracts, giving councils a clear standard which all commercial vehicles operating on its behalf must meet.

Waltham Forest has become the latest local authority wishing to specify FORS Silver as a requirement  for road transport operators working within the borough in its Draft Local Plan. If the plan is adopted bus and coach operators must meet FORS Silver accreditation from 2020.    

FORS works in a variety of ways to help bus and coach operators increase their fuel efficiency to meet the standards many local authorities now require.

The accreditation scheme uses a unique mix of training for drivers and managers, and robust measurement tools help members learn how to save fuel to reduce NOx output and lessen carbon emissions across all aspects of their business, all while ensuring maximum passenger safety.

Local authorities work with FORS in a variety of ways. As well as being written into planning consent arrangements and construction logistic plans, local authorities who run or manage their own fleets can become FORS members themselves, ensuring all drivers and commercial vehicles in their fleet operate safely and efficiently.

To find out more about how FORS works with local authorities, and to get involved visit: https://www.fors-online.org.uk/cms/champions/

View the Waltham Forest local plan here.

FORS members wishing to register for a Going for Silver webinars can do so here.