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March 13 2019
By Michaela Peacock

Michaela writes for routeone and Group Tourism & Travel magazines

RWT stresses that DPFs should be looked after

Bob Turnock, MD of West Midlands-based RWT Commercial Services, has stressed to operators that it is vital that diesel particulate filters (DPFs) are serviced and cleaned regularly, and promptly repaired as required.

Fortunately, RWT can offer coach and bus operators all these services, with its spacious and modern workshop fully equipped to allow it to carry out repairs quickly and efficiently. It also offers a 24-hour roadside assistance service.

When a vehicle is brought into the Stourbridge workshop, RWT removes the filter, inspects meticulously and cleans it using the manufacturer’s stated procedures, and to the highest standards. It carries out an opacity test before the filter is removed and performs a smoke test directly from the engine to confirm that its characteristics haven’t changed since installation.

Bob says that DPF maintenance should be left to an expert, saying that it’s not just a case of cleaning the filter and putting it back on the vehicle.

It could be damaged, or have suffered from fuel or oil ingress.

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