Birmingham Busworks takes two sets of Totalkare column lifts

Birmingham Busworks Totalkare T8DC lifts

Vehicle service and repair specialist Birmingham Busworks has invested in two sets of four Totalkare T8DC cable-free mobile column lifts.

Birmingham Busworks has taken up the supplier’s flexible finance offering for the new lifts, which have been supplied on a competitive 12-month lease purchase plan. Totalkare will also deliver a comprehensive service contract. That includes two field service engineer visits per year as standard.

Each column can lift a maximum of 7,500kg and has adjustable forks to accommodate varying wheel diameters. The lifts are complemented by a set of six short axle support stands. When used in conjunction with the mobile columns, the stands provide engineers with additional flexibility and safety in the maintenance of vehicles by permitting wheel-free access.

Besides vehicle service and repair, Birmingham Busworks undertakes the retrofit of seatbelts. It has also introduced a safety vent innovation, which reduces drivers’ exposure to air from the saloon.

Technical Service Executive Joseph Banks says that being able to spread the cost of the lifts over 12 months was appealing to the business. Birmingham Busworks grew out of the bodywork division of The Green Bus, and Mr Banks notes that the operator’s experience of Totalkare products has been good.

Totalkare Area Sales Manager Adam Bowser adds: “Birmingham Busworks is playing an important role in making buses safer for drivers and passengers, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. Totalkare is pleased to support the future growth of the business through the provision of our market-leading mobile column lifts and looks forward to providing additional support in the future.”