FlixBus international routes to and from UK set for return

FlixBus international expansion from 12 February

FlixBus will again reintroduce international routes to and from the UK to its scheduled coach network from 12 February.

The provision will return from that date on the London to Paris axis, with daily overnight journeys. A daylight round trip on the same route and frequency will follow a week later. Also from 12 February, trips between London and Lille and Brussels will be available. Amsterdam, Antwerp and Rotterdam will be connected directly to the capital by FlixBus from 18 February.

All international journeys to and from London will be in the hands of FlixBus partner operators based in mainland Europe, the business has confirmed.

FlixBus says that it will continue to expand its services in the UK during 2022, adding that the international network from London combines well with domestic services that directly link around 30 towns and cities in England, Scotland and Wales.

Adds FlixBus UK Managing Director Andreas Schörling: “Following two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, we know that many people are looking forward to getting away to visit new cities, see loved ones and enjoy a break. FlixBus offers the most cost effective and sustainable way for consumer to travel to destinations across the country and across Europe, and we are looking forward to welcoming people back on these routes.”

FlixBus has previously made the bullish promise that it will operate the UK’s largest scheduled coach network by 2025.